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Ongoing and recent outages

2022-11-20 @ 10.00-12.00; Upgrade of central registry and signup service, workspaces and ongoing jobs will execute, but login will not be possible during the period. 2022-10-06 @ 14.00-14.45; Short outage due to DDOS network disturbance. RESOLVED.2021-08-15 @ 00.00-12.00; Certificate error not allowing logins. RESOLVED2019-02-28 @ 03:00-12:00; Server center maintenance failure caused reboot and misconfiguration affecting a couple accsyn instances.



Learn about accsyn features.

Complete reference on how to install and setup accsyn at your premises.

Guide on how to manage accsyn on a day-to-day basis.

Troubleshoot accsyn.

Find out what an accsyn error code means.

Find out what an accsyn warning code means.

 Log of features and bugfixes made to accsyn.


Learn how to use  the accsyn desktop app for uploading/downloading files to/from an organisation.


Learn how to use the accsyn Python API.

accsyn transfer job best practices and JSON specification

Visit our GitHub were we keep free example code.


- Easy-to-follow instructions on how to setup accsyn for particular use.

Learn how to replace your current FTP setup with accsyn, enabling easy and secure mobile friendly management, with additional web transfer functionality.

Learn how to use the accsyn publish workflow effectively.

Learn how to setup a server on your HQ and a remote office or backup site,  enabling automated sync using Python API. 

Learn how to setup accsyn to expose certain folders to remote working subcontractors, enabling effective outsourcing of film editing and post production.

Learn how to set up a file server in the cloud (AWS) and hook it up with accsyn for fast, secure and reliable file deliveries.

Learn how to setup accsyn and configure a local share enabling employees working from home or vendors to share a collaborative folder at their end.

Learn how to setup an Ftrack Action that enables transfer of file assets between locations.

Learn how to setup accsyn to backup your data to a remote site.

Learn how to use accsyn for distributing your Cinesync®.



- Can't find the answer to your problems, have discovered a bug or have a feature request? 

Premium subscription

As a premium customer, your are entitled to prioritised support through our chat channels and  by telephone. We use Slack as our chat solution and you will be invited to your Slack channel during sign on. 

Note: If you cannot use Slack and/or have your own chat solution we are open to other arrangements. 

For urgent matters, of chat/telephone does not respond in time, please also send an urgent E-mail to Find more information about our E-mail support below.

Standard subscription

Send an E-mail to the following address:

Please consider these guidelines:

Log file locations

Server (daemon/service)


Support office hours:

08.00-18.00 CET (Swedish holidays)


We use Slack for resolving support matters that cannot be solved over E-mail. A Slack invite will be sent by us, unless you have your own slack and wish to host the chat by inviting our support staff.


accsyn SaaS is provided "as is" which means it is a best effort service. If you have questions regarding our support obligations, have look at our terms and conditions.

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