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v2.7-9 [24.04.07]


  - [APP] Invite button in main menu.

  - [CLIENT] Properly log exceptions occurring during transfer/process init, for example disk permission problems.


  - [APP] Flip file browser sorting arrows

  - [WEBAPP] Fixed bug where boolean setting indikator buttons were oriented the wrong way.

  - [CORE] Fixed bug where retries from failed connection attempts could get stuck on a previously successful port.

  - [APP] Improved client lock file handling - check if PID is running and not prevent start if gone.

  - [APP] Fixed bugs in finished jobs - retry button did not work

v2.7-8 [24.02.04]


  - [APP] Web delivery can now be submitted to multiple recipients, using a whitespace( ) separated list.

  - [APP] Asks before aborting web deliveries.


  - [CORE] Properly delete ACLs when changing a standard user to be employee or admin

  - [CORE/FRONTEND] Improved audit of ACL creation, edit and removal

  - [APP] Properly log out user when client/desktop app is closed

  - [WEB DELIVERY] Fixed bug causing web delivery of multiple files (ZIP) were not uploaded.

  - [WEB DELIVERY] Fixed bug causing web delivery to be uploaded to the wrong cloud path.

  - [WEB DELIVERY] Fixed bug causing web delivery of multiple files have zero size.

  - [WEB DELIVERY] Fixed bug in app when choosing a month or longer expiry time.

  - [CORE] Fix bug when opening a send in browser, involving entire share; Remove 'Standard share:' prefix for default job name.

  - [APP] Fixed bug when checking stale lockfile PID, that it belongs to accsyn executable.

  - [APP] Fixed bug in web delivery send were accsyn delivery elements were not hidden.

  - [APP] Job view; abort button now enabled.

v2.7-7 [24.01.07]


  - [CORE] On prem support enabling user hosting of the accsyn workspace orchestrator (backend , DB & frontend), deployed as Docker composed images.

  - [APP+CORE] Optimised job and farm monitor traffic - minimise data sent with a refurbished protocol. Overall improvements and monitor bug fixes.

  - [ASC/APP] Single port/channel support, allowing multiple transfers on the same network TCP ports. Previous successful port is also remembered and prioritised next transfer. Solves problems if multiple clients need to share a low port on restricted networks.


  - [CORE|FRONTEND] Backend and frontend hosting/VPC and security updates, including improved handling of registry authentication tokens.

  - [APP] Updated to Java 18, and updated installer. Overall desktop app improvements and security  fixes.

  - [APP|WEBAPP] When creating a share, illegal characters are now removed/replaced with the code/name proposal.

  - [ASC,APP] Added a decimal to progress %

  - [APP,FARM] Using term "Engine" for describing an app based processor. Render job engine type displayed on submit button.

  - [APP] Show password while typing

  - [APP/DAEMON] Mute tracebacks in log on connection failure after the first one.

  - [APP] Prefs: Show ACCSYN_DISABLE_* environment variables with help.

  - [APP] Lock file support, preventing multiple local instances of the accsyn file transfer client.

  - [APP] Edit settings for a web delivery - password, expiry date and download count.

  - [CORE,WEBAPP] Bind web transfers to a queue.


  - [APP] Fixed bug when checking stale lockfile PID, that it belongs to accsyn executable.

  - [CORE] Support non US letters in passwords. Give proper error if a password is entered that cannot be decoded - containing illegal characters.

  - [CORE] Pre-publish exceptions now properly output to job audit log.

  - [ASC] Fixed bug were the copy server reported back as ready before it was up and listening

  - [APP] Fixed bug where most recent destination mode were not remembered if mirror paths available as option.

  - [APP] Prefs; add scrollpane to handle if inputs are getting too wide.

  - [APP] Remove config button for non admins.

  - [APP] Fix ffmpeg/farm transcode issue with not displaying input media filename and profile.

  - [CORE] Disabled password reset request for pending invitees.

  - [APP] Fixed share subfolder creation, and other write operations issues, on standard upload.

v2.6-20 [23.11.09]


  - [APP] Improved local file browser with system drive names, showing /Volumes | /media | /mnt | /net devices on top.

  - [API,CORE] Filter (regexp supported) argument to ls() operation.

  - New job setting "job_on_missing"; "fail": Make the whole job fail when all other tasks has been exhausted (default), "ignore": Ignore and set task(s) as done.

  - [FARM] Support envs, with passed on to render app, and also replaces ${ENV} expressions in path.

  - [APP] Auto reload speed graph, show average speed.

  - [CORE,ASC] Show in job log from which computer and error or warning message originates.


  - [APP] Fixed bug with 2FA auth code prompt being too small.

  - [APP] Fixed bug were standard user finished jobs did not list properly.

  - [APP] Fixed bugs in publisher, also updated Github "publish-workflow" samples.

  - [APP] Fixed bug where copy&paste from Xfer log viewer does not work unless pasted in text document and copied a second time.

  - [APP] Fixed share browsing bug in basic downloader where path became out of sync if not share root was readable.

  - [APP] Fixed unknown domain compile error on startup.

  - [APP] Fixed bug in file browser recent locations where Recent: were empty.

  - Fixed bug where aborted job task retry does not retry the entire job. Also clear status notification properly on abort and such.

  - [CORE] Fix share cache update threading lock bug.

v2.6-17 [23.10.16]


  - [APP] Understand and follow Windows .lnk shortcut files.

v2.6-16 [23.10.16]


  - [FARM] New Unreal Pixelstream render farm app.

  - [APP] Revamped file browser; labels with filtering on share list, foldable ACL lists with improved layouts and user interactions.

  - [APP] Custom bookmarks in file browser, to enable using local network shares by UNC names or other locations not present among system default volumes.

  - [CORE] Employee root share constraints - limit a user with Employee clearance to a single root share instead of having access to all (default). User will only be able to send/download/upload, share folders and view jobs with this root share.

  - [CORE,APP] Enhanced file browsing experience, featuring a cache of recent browsed folder and automatic refresh in the background or live refresh when manually reloading in GUI:s. Labels with filtering on share list, foldable ACL lists with improved layouts and user interactions.

  - [APP] Revamped landing page/home, clearly displaying incoming pending deliveries with a sticky (non hideable) behaviour and a fully visible download button. Enlarged submitter buttons and two submitter layouts - standard (simplified) and commander (current vertical split)

  - [CORE/APP] ffmpeg support, with transcode profiles.

  - [GUI ] Job speed metrics graph visible in GUI


  - [APP] Understand and follow Windows .lnk shortcut files.


  - [CORE,WEBAPP] New "user_join_login_on_activate" setting, having user become logged in when they have activated their account with password. This behaviour is disabled by default.

  - [CORE, WEBAPP] Logout user everywhere - delete a users active sessions.

  - [APP] Job settings in quick submit dialog.

  - [APP] New setting "security_app_session_recover_enable" (default: enabled), allowing user to continue a previous (locally stored) session instead of entering password.

  - [APP SUBMIT] More info on right hand side when no files is selected, also disable upload to sites - only show hq for now.

  - [ASC] Improved ETR calculation to consider throughput the last minute instead of entire transfer period - more accurate when bandwidth fluctuates.

  - [APP] When session expire, GUI is locked and user is asked for password instead of being logged out keeping the file transfer client running in the background. Decrease session time from 7 days to 10 hours.

  - [APP] Attach a message when adding an ACL / sharing folder with user.

  - [APP] Dark mode detect on Mac.

  - [APP] Raise window from system tray/menubar instead of giving already-logged-in error when launching second instance on desktop.

  - [APP] Added keyboard shortcuts: CTRL/Cmd+F for search, CTRL/Cmd+B add bookmark and CTRL/Cmd+R for reload.

  - [APP] Size up shares in file browser, add more spacing.

  - [APP] Search To: (Destination) field.

  - [ASC] New "single file resume" transfer log setting, off by default. When set, verbose single file resume log message will be displayed in transfer log.


  - [CORE] Fixed bug were a share could not be edited due to share:share error.

  - [ASC] Fixed bug where sub task status report fails.

  - [APP, WEBAPP] Preserve logotype aspect rate and limit to 100x40 in size.

  - [APP] Fixed bug were To: resets after inviting a new user, instead of pre-selecting it.

  - [ASC] hange prefix of temporary file from ".ASC_TMP.*" to ".ACCSYN_TMP.*" Changed prefix for single file resume checkpoint files from "._accsyn_checkpoint" to ".ACCSYN_CHECKPOINT." to fix some storage incompability issues. Changed prefix for partially transfered files from "_accsyn_incomplete." to "_ACCSYN_INCOMPLETE.".


v2.4-8 [23.05.22]


  - [WEBAPP,CORE] Explicit site permissions that overrides role/API key permissions, to prevent writing (download, create directory,..) to a site or reading from (upload).


  - [CORE] Have jobs with only excluded tasks left finish up successfully instead of failing. Allows for submitting "placeholder" jobs that can have tasks added later.

  - [WEBAPP] Fixed bug when moving a share to another folder on the same root share.

  - [WEBAPP] Fix bug where servers are not displayed with root share listing. Also show how many shares beneath each root share.

  - [APP] Fixed bug were local source computer only selectable in send mode.

  - [APP] Fixed bug in share browser were type was not filtered properly.

  - [APP] Fixed bug in queue settings were transfer resume could not be enabled if disabled in workspace/global settings.

v2.4-6 [23.04.03]


  - [WEBAPP, APP] Revamped delivery of packages and onboarding for unregistered users. Deliveries always has a web link that aids in onboarding - installing and authenticating the desktop app through the browser using a 6-digit PIN identification.

  - [WEBAPP] Web delivery send with ability to have files drag-n-dropped from local computer. Smoother package build and deliveries. Support for creating delivery from a share as an alternative.

  - [WEBAPP, APP] Revamped web browser download & upload with bug fixes and faster file delivery.


  - [WEBAPP] Support for converting an accsyn download to a browser download, if size of package allows.

  - [WEBAPP] Style change and UX improvements overall.

  - [WEBAPP] Web transfer settings moved to it's own tab out of File transfer settings. Web browser download and upload can now be disabled.

  - [APP] General UX improvements, more spacing and graphic bug fixes. Hide empty queues in job view by default, can be turned on from filter menu.

  - [WEBAPP,CORE] Explicit site permissions that overrides role/API key permissions, to prevent writing (download, create directory,..) to a site or reading from (upload).


  - [CORE] Fix bug where user queue constraint could not be removed.

  - [APP] Fixed bug enabling two running instances of accsyn due to expired API sessions.


v2.3-1_8 [22.12.21]


  - [CORE] Fixed bugs with inactive shares.Fixed bug when changing a root share path

  - [CORE] Small core Python 3 improvements and bug fixes.

v2.3-1 [22.12.09]


   - [INTEGRATION] ftrack first level integration; Sync published components through the ftrack-accsyn-accessor and a sync Action.


v2.2-8 [22.12.04]


   - [WEBAPP] Sort users alphabetically in selection combos.

   - [APP] Show description in job list view.

   - [APP, SUBMIT,SETTINGS] Amount of overridden settings are visualized on button, with tooltip.


   - [APP,FILE BROWSER] Fixed bug where shares were reloaded every 30s when not needed.

   - [WEBAPP, FINISHED TRANSFERS] Fix log view bug.



   - [CORE] Backend Python 3.10 upgrade, massive performance and security improvements.

   - [GUI, MY TRANSFERS/JOBS] Divided into areas with new download and upload buttons enabling fast and easy package submit. Larger jobs. Start accsyn default with this view maximised for standard users.

   - [CORE] Parallelise job size calculation, making file transfers start immediately instead of waiting for it to complete.

   - [GUI,JOB VIEW] Improved job and task(file/frame) view with task progress bar, division into buckets, recent line of console output on active task.


   - [COMPUTE/GUI] Arnold for Maya batch render support

   - [APP,BROWSER] Added "Inactivate share" option to enable fast cleanup. Also prevent locations (shares, local drives) to be updated on a reload or file operation.

   - [GUI, SUBMIT] Add preference for turning off go to recent directory behaviour.

   - [GUI] Move login errors to more visible location within login window

   - [APP SUBMIT] Proper send button in lower right corner replacing the arrow button when submitting a package, work in maximised view.

   - [APP JOB VIEW] Improved job tasks and hooks view.

   - [COMPUTE] Job filters can now include asterix for matching values, e.g. hostname:+render0*

   - [WEB DELIVERY] Improved web delivery job view with more information, disable web delivery in app if disabled in settings.

   - [GUI, SUBMIT] Settings are now visible during render submit. Fixed bug when minimizing submit with settings open and could not restore.

   - [GUI, OB VIEW/TASKS] Pagination if more then 1000 tasks.

   - [GUI, SUBMIT] When in package submit mode, the green arrow is changed properly to reflect

   - [ASC] When transferring multiple files/rendering multiple frames in on bucket, each task done will be reported back during execution instead of once at the end. The tasks reported as done will stay done in case of a failure or interruption.

   - [COMPUTE] Possibility to configure a compute default queue.


   - [COMPUTE] hq download task runs one final time at job finish to fix bug were frames were left behind.

   - [GUI,FILE I/O] Fixed bug when creating a local directory caused interface to tumble.

   - [WEBAPP] Human readable byte counts are now displayed in si (1000 base) and not 1024 based (GiB)

   - [APP,BROWSER] Fixed bug where delete share context menu option did not work.

   - [WEBAPP] Fixed bug where displayed dates were displayed in wrong timezone.

   - [WEBAPP] Improved error message on duplicate ACLs. Fixed broken Grant Access and Shared Directories link on edit user page.

   - [APP SUBMIT] Fixed bug in upload were a browsed destination not could be chosen when source files were on a locally mapped share.

   - [GUI,WEB DELIVERY] Fixed bug were duplicate recipients could be added

   - [GUI,PROCESS LOG] Fixed bug where switching to an earlier try did not update combobox or title. Also the refresh function loads the entire log instead of the difference.




   - [CORE] 2FA - Multi factor authentication support, supporting a 6-digit token sent to email and required at login. Configurable for all users or per role.

   - [CORE] General speedups and optimisations

   - [APP,SUBMIT] Web delivery of file(s, ZIP:ed) on default root share, using a magic link (emailed) that can have a password set, expiry date and download count restriction.

   - [APP,SUBMIT] Overall improvements: submit button now sits between from and to areas. Shares can now be filtered to only show root shares (default for employees), standard or user shares. Right click a set of files and calculate the size. View job as JSON.

   - [APP,SUBMIT] Improved publisher, with support for choosing project database task for unidentified publishes, and selection of main asset.

   - [APP] Refurbished and improved, new dark style and view filters.

   - [WEBAPP+CORE] Shares can now be deactivated - unloaded from accsyn, to preserve resources, together with ACLs. New filters to share admin page allows display of inactive shares, and restore options.

   - [WEBAPP+CORE] Users can now be deactivated - unloaded from accsyn, to preserve resources, together with ACLs. New filters to share admin page allows display of inactive shares, and restore options.

   - [APP] Tray icon support. When closing app it minimises to the tray/dock on desktop. Clicking icon will re-open GUI, right-click will bring up a menu with options to open or exit. Logout button in interface to exit app.

   - [API] API documentation is updated and moved to

   - [RENDER/FARM] Houdini, Blender and Nuke 13 (Python 3) support.


   - [CORE] Downloads and/or uploads can be disabled globally.

   - [APP,SUBMIT] Now supports non-US (åäö) characters on folders/files and submit.

   - [APP Browser] Goto previous share path is now a preference and can be turned off.

   - [ASC] No TCP delay (Nagle's algorithm) support.

   - [ASC] If file post process fails - rename to final, these failure(s) are not taken into account until the end, to get transferable files through.

   - [ASC] Xfer log; Startup space requirement summary, and final transfer summary shows how many bytes were in sync.

   - [ASC] Improved security for listening server process.

   - [APP] Improved log viewer; copy to clipboard button.

   - [WEBAPP] Admin dashboard now displays available cloud storage for web transfers.

   - [API] New assign and deassign methods, initially for configuring (site) servers for root shares.

   - [RENDER/FARM] Only the render output is displyed in process logs, to see outout from render Python wrapper there is a service log checkbox that enables it.

   - [APP,BROWSER] Added "Inactivate share" option to enable fast cleanup. Also prevent locations (shares, local drives) to be updated on a reload or file operation.


   - [CORE] Fixed bug when upgrading a user to employee did not take fully effect.

   - [CORE] Fixed bug where inactive servers where deleted on inactivity, with restore of deleted servers.

   - [CORE] Improved audits; now showing correct user and geo data / device, and who modified as client/app

   - [APP,SUBMIT] Now supports non-US (åäö) characters on folders/files and submit.

   - [APP,SUBMIT] Initial job settings does not take effect.

   - [APP] fixed unresponsive share browser if many (+100) shares.

   - [APP] Finished job listing has been optimised to return faster results across UI:s.

   - [APP] Compute retry logs could not be viewed.

   - [ASC] Wrong progress and ETA were shown when resuming a previously interrupted transfer.

   - [ASC] Fixed bug when required space not shown properly, only 0(0). Improved pre and post transfer stats reports overall.

   - [APP,BROWSER] Fixed bug where delete share context menu option did not work.




   - Webapp; Refurbished UI featuring new dark style layout.

   - Compute/render farm job submit now enabled for standard/restricted users, with permission check on share upload and download locations.

   - Admin; Multiple users can be invited when giving access to a share.

   - Webapp; Admin menu now available throughout the session.

   - Job init; If file(s) are missing during size check, task(s) are set to failed instead of failing the entire job, so transfer can start and transfer what is possible.


   - Desktop app file browser; Removed new feature that descends directly into a clicked folder, now uses old behaviour - double click. Support new single click descend on the folder icon only.

   - ASC; With single file resume disabled, pre 1.4 .ASC_TMP.. file is used. Two processes writing to the same file; detects if the partially written file is being written and steps back.

   - Admin; Settings on queues/shares that are not overridden are now greyed out instead of disabled - enables inspection of options.

   - API; Add support for file sequence notation without range specification: "dir/sequence.####.png". Also fixed bug where sequences were written into a subdirectory.

   - GUI Submit; Edit and delete share shortcut icons/button on shares has been removed, now available from context (right click) menu.

   - API submit; Source site is autodetected from WAN IP if tasks given on the ambiguous form "source":"share=...", "destination":"hq".

   - API; Updated to v1.4.1 with support for creating a new session with a given lifetime.

   - (b27) Servers that serves a share is never archived anymore.


   - Fixed bug in single file resume - large resumed files contained corrupt 0-bytes blocks randomly. Single file resume disabled automatically for v1.4-3 clients and earlier.

   - ASC; Fixed bug where _accsyn_incomplete files were written if single file resume disabled. Also enabled file resume setting for shares, queues and jobs.

   - Windows executables are now correctly signed.

   - Fixed bug where standard users could not disable/enable their client.

   - Fixed bug where restricted user paths were translated to root share/share paths if they matched server paths.

   - Audit logs are now read reversed - presenting the latest record first. ACL changes (Grant access, change access) is now properly logged on user, share and domain.

   - (b22) Desktop app; fixed bug when switching from upload to download, and could not browse up from previous upload folder.

   - (b27) Editing users caused errors in backend regarding metadata.



   - Compute addon; possibility to configure 'compute' apps that makes accsyn act as a render farm executing render jobs, with app definitions as Python scripts. Enable cross-site file transfers to support rendering on-prem from another site or working from home. Also supports rendering on computers at a remote site, for example AWS or GCE cloud. Compute script repository:

   - ASC; Improved transfer log, showing size of current file transfered and also made sure speed measurements are in SI units - multiples of 1000, not 1024.

   - Global API keys - can be configured to inherit user role (clearance & permissions, have a fixed role or have explicit permissions but role inherited from user. New admin section and overall improved security with improved performance.

   - ASC; Single file resume support - if large file transfer is interrupted it will resume next transfer. Managed by a new setting 'transfer_resume'.

   - Desktop app/Submit; Button to swap to <> from.

   - ASC; Huge file sets optimisations, less data sent and memory consumed during transfer. 1:1 sync file deletion algorithm speed up.

   - Desktop app/submit; Removed Add selected to the package button, available instead in file browser context/right click menu and toolbar.

   - Desktop app/Submit; Goto button moved to address bar "History" button. Address bar is now editable and a path can be entered directly followed by ENTER key press.

   - ASC/API; File sequence notation support when declaring source, on the form ../prefix####|%04dsuffix[100-200].

   - Job submit; Duplicate tasks with the same source and destination are now ignored.

   - Desktop app visual improvements.


   - Desktop app; scrollbar on issues header box if very many.

   - ASC; Mac "Icon^M", Windows "Thumbs.db" and Mac "DS_Store" files are now excluded by default.

   - Desktop app/file browser; When deleting on the destination side, selected files are now taken into account instead of the entire parent directory.

   - Desktop app; Fixed bug with rename button not showing when browsing shares.

   - Desktop app bug fixes.

   - Desktop app bug fixes.



     - Support for multiple destinations when sending/transmitting. Desktop app; New [ + ADD ] button on destination enabling this (users & sites only). API; new recipients job data parameter: ..,'recipients'=['<party1>','<party2>',..], omit recipient in task destination job spec.

     - Task priorities, 0(lowest)-1000(highest), tasks/files with higher priority will be dispatched first.  Desktop app; Create a package and select tasks, toolbar will present priority assign dropdown. API; Supply priority in task job spec: ..,'tasks':[{'source':'..','destinatino':'..','priority':<0..1000>}]

     - Job/API; Transmit job destinations now supports both intermediate server path and relative delivery path, on the form: ..,'destination':''.

     - Share/API; Standard & user shares can now be created without providing parent root share share, if root share is not given - the default root share will be used.

     - ACL write only access allowed on share, denying download attempts - only allowing browsing and upload. (b19)

   BUG fixes

     - Transfer; Required space check now only takes into account files in need of sync, not entire package size.

     - Watchdog; If daemon hangs during launch (REST call stuck or similar), the daemon watchdog attempts continuous restarts.

     - Hooks; Fixed bug were backslashes in Windows path were not escaped properly.

     - Job API submit; Fixed bug where destination on the form 'share=<share>', without a directory or filename, caused files to be dropped off to home share instead.

     - Desktop app, submit; Fixed bugs when mirroring paths during download/upload from shares (non-root) that are mapped locally. (b19)




  - One-way sync support, deletes files on receiving end that does not exist at source before transfer starts. Corresponds to *NIX rsync --delete(-before) option. New domain setting transfer_mode, with options 'copy'(default) and 'onewaysync'.

  - Empty folders are now transmitted.

  - Desktop app; Job encryption can now be set upon submit, and modified for an existing job.

  - Transfer include and exclude now supports regular expressions (case sensitive and insensitive). Exclude now also supports files in sub directories (path/to/file_or_dir_to_exclude). Include now supports inclusion of directories, not only files.

  - Desktop app, submit; When selecting a share, browsing starts in the directory with download/upload access - not root directory if not accessible.

  - Desktop app, submit; When going back (..) from a share, user now ends up at root share above share path instead of share listing (non restricted users).

  - User Name can now be changed in profile. (b12)

  - API key are now only visible once and have to be re-generated if lost. (b13)

  - TMP data directory removed on transfer exit. (b14)

  - Job done actions support (setting: job_done_actions), with initial "delete_excluded" option that triggers Accsyn to delete excluded tasks on receiving end. Suitable for backup jobs with one project folder per task. (b15)

  - Issues; if a server serving multiple root share is offline, issue message is merged into one instead of multiple issues. (b18)

  - Queue interrupt policy setting, rearranged webapp admin>settings. (b24)

  - Open and view buttons on job and tasks/files, enlarged if user is involved. (b26)

  - Global reserved space setting (transfer_reserved_space), have job fail if the Accsyn transfer would make free space fall below this limit. (b30)

  - Speed limits can now be configured on servers. (b31)


  - Transfer include and exclude are now merged upstream with settings from queue, (root)share and domain/global. Not replaced by job settings as previously.

  - Desktop app, job view; New tasks now appear as they are added elsewhere.

  - CLI job submit now properly follows job. (b11)

  - CLI setting delete now works. (b14)

  - Python API bug fixes. (b23)

  - Fixed bug in job listing, causing job list to render empty once after switching to All transfers from My transfers. (b26)

  - Desktop app, submit; Fixed bug were local paths were not shown properly when having local share mappings. (b29).

  - When transferring an entire share, job gets a proper auto-generated name. (b29).

  - Fixed bug with human readable file sizes, all sizes are now in SI format (multiplier 1000 instead of 1024 as before in different places. (b30)

  - Fixed bug were a late crashing server transfer party could give a false positive. (b33)

  - Added mechanism to prevent server port bind failures, detect and attempts to kill processes listening on port prior to spawn. (b33)

  - Webapp>Admin>Users; Fixed bug with unavailable Grant Access button when giving user access to a share. (b35)

  - ASC; Fixed bug when Accsyn tmp files (.*ASC_TMP*) not were removed during transfer cleanup. (b35)

  - Web transfer/server; Fixed bug when wrong folder were created during share upload. (b39)



  - Email notifications when a directory has been shared with user.

  - Desktop app; Notification banners on-top of window.

  - Configureable transmit subfolder (Admin>Settings>Share>Transmit directory).

  - Desktop app; Create queue button i "All transfers" view, queue configurable when creating/editing a share.

  - Share "last accessed" attribute, updated upon file operations and transfers.

  - ReCAPTCHA on join/register, login and password reset.

  - Videos presenting features updated @

  - Desktop app; Hostname, IP and geolocation shown with transfer logs, both for client and server endpoints. File operation audits are complemented with geolocation data.

  - Number of concurrent transfers, between server and client, can now be configured globally or at servers.

  - Log view/audit pagination, showing default 200 entries per page, with free text search function.

 *b3; If files/tasks on hold, job will be kept waiting until files/tasks are re-queued.

 *b4; Removed client side hooks of security reasons, will be replaced with user configurable hooks in desktop app.

 *b4; Desktop app; Finished job reload button. List reloads every 2 minutes, reloads when job is modified.

 *b9; Disk log; Log entries are now stored on disk internally for better performance/lesser resource usage.


 *b4; Progress bar not up to date with progress.

 *b4; Desktop app; Fixed view minimise/maximise bugs.

 *b4; Linux GUI theme bug fixes.

 *b4; Desktop app; All ACLs were not listed in file browser.

 *b4; Desktop app; New version, update now dialog fixed - update now always should apply.

 *b12; Desktop app; Fixed password reset bug.



  - Desktop App; Redesigned faster job submits, submit now integrated into main window and stays there. Publish still using old job submit dialog.

  - Desktop App; New "My transfers" section only showing user jobs, default during job submit.

  - Desktop App; Share management now enabled from job submit browser. Create, edit and delete shares while browsing root share. View and delete ACLs for current directory. Share directory while browsing a share, displays summary of #shares, #unique users and #shared directories for listed files.

  - Now supports upload to/from sites as a user (employee/admin).

  - Now supports pulling files from a remote user that has enabled read access to their local share mappings. File management (create dir, rename, move and delete) can also be performed on mapped local share paths if write access enabled in Desktop App preferences. Read and write access are off by default.

  - Optimised backend; x4 lower CPU load when processing many jobs.

  - Optimised memory and cpu usage, 25% less RAM usage for Desktop App when displaying large jobs.

  - LAN connection fallback; if client cannot connect to server using WAN or configured IP override, it tries to contact server on its LAN IP addresses.

  - PSK security enhancement; A secret Pre Shared Key is supplied and validated by server before a connection is accepted.

  - Desktop app file browser; Multiple files/directories can now be deleted, with interruptable progress meter.

  - GUI; Proper interruptable progress bars on modifying jobs/queues.

  *b2; Python API; getsize boolean attribute to ls (file listing), calculates sizes for all directories returned in operation.

  *b2; File listing are more responsive, ~0.4s time cut.

  *b12; GUI; Prepared for future MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) implementation.

  *b13; Employees may now edit shares.

  *b13; GUI; Create queue function, delete queue.


  *b2; Job progress updates were lagging behind in previous versions, improved internal event propagations.

  *b2; Desktop app file browser; Write permissions are now reflected properly when mkdir, rename, move and delete buttons are presented.

  *b13; GUI; Fixed bug were progerss bar did not scale properly.

  *b15; GUI; Mirrored uploads and downloads with user mapped root shares now works.




  - Submit; Partially redesigned submit window, to comply to upcoming v1.3.

  - Submit browser; Share are now visible all the time, as it were before.


  *b1; Submit browser; Fixed bug were wrong share were displayed in address bar.

  *b1; Submit; Fixed bug were a user could not upload with mirrored paths from a local mapped (root) share.

  *b1; Submit browser; Local paths are now displayed correctly in address bar.

  *b2; Retry bug fix in site-site transfers, IP overrides were switched in some scenarios.

  *b3; Webapp; Fixed bug when browsing new root share  - could not descend into some folders.



  - Geodata is recorded for user logins and clients, based on IP.

  - Web app; Transmit function that complements browser upload - upload a file using browser followed by a send to user.

  - Desktop app; Rewritten share browser to align with new web app file browser.

  - Web app; File browser now have Goto option - allows manual entry of share path or by selecting from history (most commonly used & most recent)

  - Total and free space is now measured for root shares, visible @ admin dashboard.

  - A global reply-to email address can be configured - an existing user with admin or employee clearance. If no reply-to address is configured, the most recent admin account will be used.

  - Improved internal security with API/CLI calls and attributes returned.

  - Mac OS Catalina support.

  *b2; Task creation date and finish date now stored in backend, showed when hovering task in desktop app.

  *b5; Root share space usage visualised @ admin dashboard (webapp).

  *b8; Client geodata collected.

  *b9; User geodata collected.

  *b10; Webapp; Account activity can be audited benath user profile page.

  *b11; Python API; Log session activity to disk option.

  *b13; App submit; Destination can now browsed during site transfers, path mirror not the only option.

  *b14; Mac OS Catalina support.

  *b14; Webapp; Files are now shown while sharing a folder with user.

  *b17; Submit; relative paths are now assumed beeing relative default root share, Accsyn no longer tries to identify first relative path element as a share (code or ID). This to decrease ambiguity and make submit definition clearer, use "share=../.." syntax do define share relative paths always from now on, or full absolute server paths.


  *b2; Desktop app; Fixed bug in job submit - Settings view were corrupt and file browser were not aligned when leaving settings.

  *b3; Web app; Disabled shares can now be viewed.

  *b12; App submit; Fixed bugs with new share browser.

  *b15; Copy; Fixed bug when fast 0 bytes transfers failed even if they were successfull (process kill flushed stdout).

  *b16; Copy; Not overwriting an existing file with a directory (+E#J0058).

  *b16; GUI; Links to Accsyn warning and error codes now available in log view.

  *b16; ASC; Fixed bug where finished transfers could hang after they were done, now Accsyn retries indefinately to report back - prevents stuck transfers is backend is temporaily down.

  *b16; Fixed bug when site<>site transfers were submitted as corrupt jobs.

  *b16; Fixed bug when override IP:s did not apply properly for site<>site transfers.

  *b17; Submit; Fixed bug when submitting JSON on the form "tasks":[{..}] having tasks in a list, only one task was previously created.



  - Backbone optimisations and performance improvements.

  - Web app; Preview support of formats: .mp4,.jpg,.tiff,.png,.pdf,.svg,.ico,.ogg,.mkv,.jpeg,.apng,.bmp,.gif,.txt,.html,.json,.xml,.wav, & .webm. Setting beneath Misc for turning previews off.

  - Web app; General improvements, visibility in mobile devices with responsive toolars. Improved volume, share and file browsing. Removed hashtag(#) from url paths.

  - Python API; Improved job queries - "finished" boolean attribute to match GUI:s.

  - Web app; Support for file resources upload (ADMIN>Resources).

  - Replaced "Push" and "Pull" terms with "Site download" and "Site upload".

  * b2; Turned off default job submit E-mail notifications.

  * b10; Webapp/Mail; Global Email config now supports resources as attachments for "registered" (invite) and "joined" Emails sendouts.

  * b11; App; Now asks if a new revision exists, remembers user choice and will not ask again until next new revision.

  * b12; App; Clear history option in prefs - makes Accsyn forget previous entered user input and logins.

  * b13; Webapp; Process logs can now be viewed for a task.

  * b14; ASC; Zero bytes jobs/tasks are now allowed.

  * b15; Python API/Create task; If another tasks exists with same source and destination, it is retried instead of added as dupliace. If argument 'allow_duplicates' is supplied as False, an exception will be thrown.


  * b2; Transmit; browsed subfolders were ignored.

  * b6; Browser upload; fixed bug in Safari.

  * b17; Fixed bug when delivery Emails to user was not sent when submit E-mails were configured disabled.

  * b17; Fixed bug in web preview of job with multiple tasks - picked wrong task.



  * b1; Webapp; Adming pages improvements, fixed proper page history and URI:s allowing going back to were you were before.

  * b2; Webapp; "+NEW TRANSFER" option instead of "SEND>" that aligns with GUI app.

  * b2; GUI; Edit queue now has link to more settings in webapp.

  * b3; Webapp; Improved transfer/job list.

  * b4; Webapp; Removed reports and added log view for admin sections.

  * b5; Publish; Additional metadata support, in key=value or JSON format.

  * b7; Webapp; admin pages bug fixes and improvements.

  * b8; Metadata support; metadata can now be configured on domain(global), user, share, site, client/server, queue and job level. This metadata is supplied to hooks. Divided into internal and external, where external metadata is exposed to client side hooks/jobs.

  * b9; GUI; Queue now shown when opening a delivered job.

  * b10; GUI,Send job; Disabled user are now hidden by default. Sending a package to a disabled user now enables user.

  * b11; SOCKS (v4 & v5) support for desktop app, configured through environment variables or during login.

  * b12; Webapp; During server install and edit, the root shares it is supposed to server can now be selected.

  * b13; If no client is serving a root share, and root share is not disabled, an issue will be recorded.

  * b14; GUI Submit; Proper warning if trying to add the same source file twice.

  * b14; Webapp & GUI; Consolidated/improved further.

  * b15; GUI; Status bar, show upload/download speed and current transfer going on.

  * b15; GUI; Process logs now shows client and server log side by side, with option to turn off server log. Refreshes automatically.

  * b17; Redefined proxy environment variables, consolidated into one - ACCSYN_PROXY having format "<type>:<addr>:<port>" where type can be 'accsyn' or 'socks/socks5'. Backward compatible with old format "addr:port" which interprets as an Accsyn proxy type.

  * b18; Webapp>Admin>Sites; Built-in default sites are now hidden by default.

  * b19; Webapp; When creating a queue, job done Email recipients can be defined.

  * b21; Python API; Pre-publish support.

  * b22; Python API; Query and update job tasks support.

  * b23; GUI Submit; Absolute path are now visible in browsers for employees/admins.

  * b23; GUI Submit; Create dir, rename, move and delete buttons now also visible during download.

  * b25; Disabled users/shares is enabled when being shared / ACL created.

  * b26; GUI Submit; Improved transmit function, now allows you to browse were file(s) should be uploaded before being sent to user.

  * b28; GUI Submit; Add files from list of /abs/path or share=../path entries.


  * b1; GUI; Search box did not stay minimized.

  * b14; GUI Submit; Fixed bug during download with mirrored share paths - was not enabled during certain circumstances.

  * b20; Webapp; Fixed bug were invite user buttons did not work and a few other issues.

  * b23; GUI Submit; Fixed bug where Dropoff radio button randomly disappeared.

  * b26; GUI Submit; Fixed bug were mkdir/rename/move/delete button became invisible to users.

  * b28; Fixed bug in E-mail send.

  * b30; GUI Submit; Fixed bug were destination could not be browsed during upload.



  * b1; Publish feature; allow user to upload files and metadata directly into production workflow. Defined through hook scripts that validate input and post process data.

  * b2; Webapp; Improved application download dialog, now detecting and suggesting operating system.

  * b3; Webapp; MD5 sum are now listed with installer packages.

  * b5; Desktop application now have RPM and DEB builds aswell.

  * b6; UI improvements.

  * b9; Additional RPM (RHEL/CentOS) and DEB (Ubuntu) desktop app installers.

  * b14; Auto join now have a password setting, enabling only authorized guests to register and account and upload files.


  * b1; Invite user option now back again when choosing user upon sending out files.

  * b8; GUI; Now showing PUSH/PULL options in main interface if on hq or a site..

  * b11; Fixed dispatch bug - jobs in a queue created by a user that was enabled got stuck, without proper warning message.

  * b12; Webapp; Fixed bug in transfer>Delivered - first job were always viewed regardless which where opened.

  * b13; Webapp; Fixed bug if many tabs open and login/logout occur they became out of sync.



  * b1; Webapp; Rehaul of admin pages, improved looks on mobile devices.

  * b1; GUI; Admins and employees now have NEW button instead of UPLOAD, DOWNLOAD and SEND.

  * b3; Site/Internet location is now autodetected, and affects upload/download buttons in GUI.

  * b5; GUI/Job view; Job chat function. Description is now the first message in a job chat thread. Chat can be extended to other future entities.

  * b6; Server/Daemon watchdog, restarts daemon if hangs - no activity in 5 minutes. Can take on stop/restart/start requests. (requires reinstall).

  * b6; GUI; Improved user and site selected dialogs that remembers last entry.

  * b6; ASC; File permissions can be configured to be preserved during transfer if both sides POSIX compliant operating systems (Mac OS, Linux, Unix).

  * b7; GUI/Login; Now remembers previously used accounts to aid user switching.

  * b18; GUI; Rehauled prefs view.

  * b20; GUI; Support for auto update. New "Check for updates" prefs button and dialog, will now download and update Accsyn instead of launching browser download.


  * b1; WWW/admin; Fixed bug were transfer_conf/notmp & transfer_conf/nolock could be set on queues.

  * b1; File locking now turned OFF by default - usually causes problems with certain storage subsystems.

  * b3; GUI; Fixed bug when right clicking job and about to change position - now taking selected job in account, not the clicked one.

  * b4; GUI/Submit; Hide shares during PUSH, PULL or TRANSFER.

  * b9; [ASC]; Fixed causing infinite connection attempts even if all ports are blocked/unreachable.

  * b10; General bug fixes and improvements.

  * b12; Deleting a user now migrates ownership of queues and servers to user performing delete.



   * b1; Porting to AccSyn (v1.2, product rename with additional features) initiated.

   * b2; GUI/Job submit; A ongoing dir listing may be interrupted. File listing rows now highlighted when hovered. Right click menu now have Refresh option & Add selected file(s).

   * b8; FHC; 3x less memory consumption during file reading at sending party.

   * b9; FHC; Attempts to log out of memory errors.

   * b12; GUI/Submit; Goto now accepts entering a raw share name.

   * b24; Web submit; Download/Upload now supports site push/pull.

   * b26; Consolidated fonts with desktop app and www frontend/web page (Roboto/Roboto Thin).

   * b28; GUI/Goto path; Option to sort by common or recent. Remembers choice.

   BUG FIXES (b=build)

   * b2; GUI/Job submit; Fixed bug were upload from local mapped share did not enable Mirror path destination option.

   * b3; Fixed bug were a function in instance could stop update internal state (user activation status).

   * b4; GUI/Job submit; Bug fixes: (mirror paths to local share) switching shares did not update GUI,  (mirror paths to local share) strange paths in file list - now only showing absolute local path, already added files were affected when changing destination mode. Sorting by filename now always puts '..' on top.

   * b10; FHC; Fixed bug when picking up setting transfer_ignore_existing per task- mixed up 'file' and 'directory'.

   * b11; FHC; Fixed bug where task indexes got reordered during transfer init phase.

   * b12; GUI/Submit; Fixed bug where Add selected were unavailable when dest mode was Share mirror.

   * b13; FHC; Crashes without a leaving a non-zero exitcode are now detected, i.e. segfaults.

   * b14; GUI; Fixed bug when transfering an entire root share failed.

   * b17; FHC; Bug fixes in file list building causing relative names to end up wrong at other end.

   * b18; GUI/Submit; Bug fixes with local share path mirror on dropped files.

   * b23; FHC; Further buf fixes/optimisations in protocol.

   * b26; GUI/Submit; Bug fixes in file listing, now sorting alphabetially default and sorting by file size properly.

   * b26; GUI/Submit; Now remembers to mirror share paths if was chosen previous submit.

   * b26; Webapp; Allows Adblock (& similar) to block Raven javascript tracer.

   * b28; GUI/Submit; Share listing should have a minimum width.

   * b27; GUI; Password entry slided with garbage placeholder chars. Window titles had wrong spacing.





   * b1; Users can now be configured to be bound to a queue.

   * b1; Improved UI - log button displayed on failed jobs.

   * b4; Do not fail immediately upon a single file/directory - attempt transfer rest of package and then fail at end.

   * b6; Improved E-mails and web app overall.

   * b10; Webapp; Improved download and upload progress bars.

   * b11; "User shares/server"; Users to install FilmHUB as server and configure fixed path for shares on their side - enables receiving files without interaction. Enables future pull of files from user.

   * b12; Descriptions on job queues, show when hovering queue in UI:s.

   * b12; FHC; If server cannot bind to port, ban the port for a couple of minutes and retry it later.

   * b12; Python API; Tasks(files) can now be added to transfers destined users, not only site transfer.

   * b13; Web transfers; Cloud instance are boosted to 500Mbps during transfers for maximum throughput (expires after 4 minutes).

   * b14; Admin/shares; Enable/disable shares directly from list. Hides disabled shares by default.

   * b14; Admin/users; Hides disabled users by default;

   * b16; GUI/Submit; Shares now grouped by 1) Root shares 2) Standard shares 3) Home shares. Disabled shares are hidden by default, right click context menu gives option to show/load them.

   * b17; Improved web transfer speeds.

   * b21; Show queue and change queue from web app.

   * b21; Optimized FilmHUB to dispatch faster when many jobs queued up.

   * b22; GUI/Job view; Can now load transfer logs from previous retries.

   * b26; Admin/Audits; New section for vieweing failed logins, jobs submit failures and find jobs containing a path element - first iteration.

   * b28; GUI Submit/browser; [Goto] folder button.

   * b33; Dynamic bandwidth limit during transfer, no need to restart transfer.

   * b35; Submit/browse, GUI&Webapp; On Goto path, show history of latest locations. Store browse history per user.

   * b37; Detect stalling transfers - fails after 5 minutes of inactivity letting other jobs pass.



   * b1, GUI; Sort by name did not work.

   * b4; ZIP on web transfer; Skips files that cannot be compressed.

   * b11; GUI; Error in log if source file size calculation fails.

   * b18; Fixed bug in admin pages - leaving browser on listing might hang/cause javascript lockups.

   * b20; GUI Submit; Now recognizes local share mappings for users - support for mirror paths between local and remote share.

   * b21; Drag-n-drop file does not show SEND option or PUSH/PULL.

   * b21; Fixed bug that caused transmit jobs to fail.

   * b32; Fixed bug that caused bandwidth limited encrypted jobs to fail.

   * b38; Job submit; Add more files after drag-n-drop did reset selected destination.



   * Server can now be installed both using PIN (simplified setup) or by password login, enable future user servers.

   * Hook job data now includes list of clients, human readable source & dest. Remote paths are obscured.

   * Optimised logging at clients - now only rotating 10x10MB log files.

   * Last 512KB or client app log files can now be appended to client report (CLI: '--include_client_log' option).

   * Removed port blacklisting feature, replaced with connect failure tracking and weighed proposals to server.

   * Servers can now be updated from their Admin page.

   * Clients will automatically update on launch if behind in version.

   * Rehauled submit dialog first step - select type to include descriptive help text.

   * Upload now suggest to browse shares if have no home share or home share disabled.

   * Submit job; file list now shows sorting arrows.

   * Addtional pointers when entering and leaving setup wizard.

   * API session now expire 30 days after last accessed.

   * Clients/desktop app are allowed to be behind backend in version, prevent auto update in these cases.

   * Create root share; paths can now be added, for example UNC paths on Windows, that is not listed.

   * Admin dashboard with latest shared directories and license info.

   * Progress bar now shows total progress and not only progress of files out of sync. Progress is now saved permanently and kept visible for paused/aborted jobs.

   * Send option now available in web app - build and send a package to an existing or new user.

   * Detects if a root share is missing and drops it to offline + spawns an issue.

   * Rewrote E-mail configuration for domain, overridable at share and queue level.

   * Grace for invites, defaults to 7 days. Configurable beneath ADMIN>SETTINGS>User.

   * Umask setting for server side Linux/UNIX transfer processes, configurable beneath ADMIN>SETTINGS>File Transfer.

   * _20; Improved desktop app upload file management @ share, with right click menu.

   * _20; Clients admin listing, with possibility to set site for a non-user client.

   * _26; API sessions now attempts to renew and reuse expired sessions properly.


   * Performance fixes.

   * Admin>Servers; Override IP now lists all clients.

   * Temporary file renaming & locking issues now logged properly.

   * Fixed bugs in job submit, mirrored paths did not preview correctly.

   * Backend performance optimised.

   * Fixed SSL cert issues with web transfers, now relaying files over backend instead of direct server connection.

   * Fix bug were WAN IP and ports could not be configured for a server.

   * Fixed bug in installer - GUI installer could not re-use existing config, only command line installer.

   * Files having paths with a mixture of whitespaces (' ') and ampersands ('&') could not be transferred.

   * Fixed bug where Mac OS X servers could not be updated throug web admin.

   * Fixed multiple bugs in site server installation @ ADMIN>SERVERS.



  * Web application reloads if FilmHUB has been updated.

    * Hook execution are now logged to file.

    * Scrollbars now have increment/decrement arrows.

    * When browsing destination, directory has to be entered to be chosen - not only selected.

    * The domain is not shown during login, only the name. Domain now shown as tooltip.

    * Client Java runtime now at version 1.8-202.

    * Mail queue sending mail in background, with logarithmic fallback retries on fail.


    * Improved web transfer upload and download, fixed major bugs.

    * Edit shares could cause parent, root share and path to be lost.

    * Create root share failed on listing client root/mounts.



* Refactored workareas > shares, complete rehaul of internal path specifications for transfer jobs.

* New 'transfer_bucketsize' (submit: bucket size) setting for transfer jobs - tell how many tasks at time should be dispatched.

* Optimized submit - fetch list of sites & users.

* Cleaned up/improved transfer logs.

* Removed old beta "workarea" concept - replaced with shares. Previous shares are now "root shares".

* New client install routine involving a 6-digit PIN for ease-of-use.

* Setup wizard for new installations.

* Added 'transfer_ignore_existing' setting, valid @ domain, queue, job & task level.

* Made sure that job submit post hooks finished before transfer starts.

* Added 'transfer_include' & 'transfer_exclude' settings @ globalm queue and job level. Similar to rsync --include & --exclude

* FilmHUB copy now allows for files in subfolders to change/disappear during transfer, without failure.

* Additional advanced transfer settings for adjusting buffers and file locking.

* Share transfer settings that overrides domain settings, applied for shared involved @ server side.

* Logo displayed in desktop app.




* Setup wizard supporting server install>firewall config>share browse and final settings + guides.

* Custom portal backend supporting spawn of new domain VM.




* Site to site transfer support, requires local IP overrides (preferred) or FilmHUB standard ports 45190-45209 forwarded to site servers a both ends.



    * GUI Submit; Recognizes local share path overrides in ENVs.

    * Web app; First iteration of admin pages, supporting users/shares and settings.

    * Cloud; Backend for supporting demo installations/customer portal.

    * Overall optimizations in network traffic.

    * GUI; Improved job view - toggle between list tasks and edit job.


    * Employees could not browse download, just mirror paths.



    * CLI; 'client find' now includes FilmHUB version.

    * Copy; Optimized file transfer protocol, this version is NOT backward compatible with lower versions!

v0.9-18_17b, 20181211


    * Job submit (cmdline/API); Support for trailing slash on destination path - treats last path element as the destination folder to put source file in (rsync notation).

    * Jobs; Metadata support, both on job level and task lever. Provided at hook execution.

    * GUI; Job edit now sharing same inputs as during job submit.

    * Python API; 'ls': Recursive, maxdepths, directories_only, files_only options. New 'exists' function.

    * Copy; Protection against files overwriting folders, will now put file beneath folder instead.

* GUI; Resend option, for packages destined users. Allows user to re-download package on different client/other folder.


* GUI; Workarea queue constraints did not apply if changing workarea during job submit.

* Support for local volumes containing non-US (unicode) characters and whitespaces.

v0.9-18_7b, 20181130


* GUI Login; Feedback if unknown E-mail/user. Selects all when entering E-mail.

* Network server proxy support; For client/API endpoints not having Internet access.

* GUI; Improved progress on actions.

* Copy; Handles blocked outgoing ports, attempt lowest ports.

* Copy; Allow files to dissappear during transfer - no crash.


*  GUI; Second maximise did not apply.

*  Copy; Fixed bugs causing crashes when transfer has finished.

*  GUI/API; If authenticated with API KEY, a new session is automatically aquired when the old one expires.

v0.9-17, 20181112


    *  App;Job search function.

    *  Portal; A first take dashboard showing jobs.

    *  Portal; Change password.

    *  App; Admins does not get to answer questions when modifying jobs/queues.

    *  API; Support for huge payloads (GZIP).

*  App; Improved login and job submit dialogues.

*  Copy; Define how a file is determined to be in sync (domain/que settings: transfer_comparison)

*  Copy; Preserve ownership on created folders and files (domain/que setting: transfer_attributes)

*  Copy; Additional transfer logging (domain/que settings: transfer_log)

*  Improved detailed job view.

*  Web transfer downloads; A direct download web link is provided in E-mail if package less than 2GB. Supplies a ZIP with contents.

*  Error and warning codes; Specified in admin manual, displayed on jobs upon failure. Global warnings/error codes shown in GUI.

*  Improved detailed job view.

*  Optimizations; Old inactive clients are kept offline in database until needed.


*  App; window resize bug fixes.

    *  User invite; Links to app installer were removed by mail provider, fixed by linking to new web "app" section.

*  Fixed bug when size were calculated wrong if files on multiple shares.

v0.9-15, 20180821


* Python API.

* Command line interface (CLI).


* Many