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  - Submit; Partially redesigned submit window, to comply to upcoming v1.3.
  - Submit browser; Shares are now visible all the time, as it were before.


  *b1; Submit browser; Fixed bug were wrong share were displayed in address bar.
  *b1; Submit; Fixed bug were a user could not upload with mirrored paths from a local mapped (root) share.
  *b1; Submit browser; Local paths are now displayed correctly in address bar.
  *b2; Retry bug fix in site-site transfers, IP overrides were switched in some scenarios.



  - Geodata is recorded for user logins and clients, based on IP.
  - Web app; Transmit function that complements browser upload - upload a file using browser followed by a send to user.
  - Desktop app; Rewritten share browser to align with new web app file browser.
  - Web app; File browser now have Goto option - allows manual entry of share path or by selecting from history (most commonly used & most recent)
  - Total and free space is now measured for root shares, visible @ admin dashboard.
  - A global reply-to email address can be configured - an existing user with admin or employee clearance. If no reply-to address is configured, the most recent admin account will be used.
  - Improved internal security with API/CLI calls and attributes returned.
  - Mac OS Catalina support.

  *b2; Task creation date and finish date now stored in backend, showed when hovering task in desktop app.
  *b5; Root share space usage visualised @ admin dashboard (webapp).
  *b8; Client geodata collected.
  *b9; User geodata collected.
  *b10; Webapp; Account activity can be audited benath user profile page.
  *b11; Python API; Log session activity to disk option.
  *b13; App submit; Destination can now browsed during site transfers, path mirror not the only option.
  *b14; Mac OS Catalina support.
  *b14; Webapp; Files are now shown while sharing a folder with user.
  *b17; Submit; relative paths are now assumed beeing relative default root share, Accsyn no longer tries to identify first relative path element as a share (code or ID). This to decrease ambiguity and make submit definition clearer, use "share=../.." syntax do define share relative paths always from now on, or full absolute server paths. 


  *b2; Desktop app; Fixed bug in job submit - Settings view were corrupt and file browser were not aligned when leaving settings.
  *b3; Web app; Disabled shares can now be viewed.
  *b12; App submit; Fixed bugs with new share browser.
  *b15; Copy; Fixed bug when fast 0 bytes transfers failed even if they were successfull (process kill flushed stdout).
  *b16; Copy; Not overwriting an existing file with a directory (+E#J0058).
  *b16; GUI; Links to Accsyn warning and error codes now available in log view.
  *b16; ASC; Fixed bug where finished transfers could hang after they were done, now Accsyn retries indefinately to report back - prevents stuck transfers is backend is temporaily down.
  *b16; Fixed bug when site<>site transfers were submitted as corrupt jobs.
  *b16; Fixed bug when override IP:s did not apply properly for site<>site transfers.
  *b17; Submit; Fixed bug when submitting JSON on the form "tasks":[{..}] having tasks in a list, only one task was previously created.



  - Backbone optimisations and performance improvements.
  - Web app; Preview support of formats: .mp4,.jpg,.tiff,.png,.pdf,.svg,.ico,.ogg,.mkv,.jpeg,.apng,.bmp,.gif,.txt,.html,.json,.xml,.wav, & .webm. Setting beneath Misc for turning previews off.
  - Web app; General improvements, visibility in mobile devices with responsive toolars. Improved volume, share and file browsing. Removed hashtag(#) from url paths.
  - Python API; Improved job queries - "finished" boolean attribute to match GUI:s.
  - Web app; Support for file resources upload (ADMIN>Resources).
  - Replaced "Push" and "Pull" terms with "Site download" and "Site upload".

  * b2; Turned off default job submit E-mail notifications. 
  * b10; Webapp/Mail; Global Email config now supports resources as attachments for "registered" (invite) and "joined" Emails sendouts.
  * b11; App; Now asks if a new revision exists, remembers user choice and will not ask again until next new revision.
  * b12; App; Clear history option in prefs - makes Accsyn forget previous entered user input and logins.
  * b13; Webapp; Process logs can now be viewed for a task.
  * b14; ASC; Zero bytes jobs/tasks are now allowed. 
  * b15; Python API/Create task; If another tasks exists with same source and destination, it is retried instead of added as dupliace. If argument 'allow_duplicates' is supplied as False, an exception will be thrown.

  * b2; Transmit; browsed subfolders were ignored.
  * b6; Browser upload; fixed bug in Safari.
  * b17; Fixed bug when delivery Emails to user was not sent when submit E-mails were configured disabled.
  * b17; Fixed bug in web preview of job with multiple tasks - picked wrong task.


  * b1; WEBAPP; Adming pages improvements, fixed proper page history and URI:s allowing going back to were you were before.
  * b2; WEBAPP; "+NEW TRANSFER" option instead of "SEND>" that aligns with GUI app.
  * b2; GUI; Edit queue now has link to more settings in webapp.
  * b3; WEBAPP; Improved transfer/job list.
  * b4; WEBAPP; Removed reports and added log view for admin sections.
  * b5; Publish; Additional metadata support, in key=value or JSON format.
  * b7; Webapp; admin pages bug fixes and improvements.
  * b8; Metadata support; metadata can now be configured on domain(global), user, share, site, client/server, queue and job level. This metadata is supplied to hooks. Divided into internal and external, where external metadata is exposed to client side hooks/jobs.
  * b9; GUI; Queue now shown when opening a delivered job.
  * b10; GUI,Send job; Disabled user are now hidden by default. Sending a package to a disabled user now enables user.
  * b11; SOCKS (v4 & v5) support for desktop app, configured through environment variables or during login.
  * b12; WEBAPP; During server install and edit, the root shares it is supposed to server can now be selected.
  * b13; If no client is serving a root share, and root share is not disabled, an issue will be recorded.
  * b14; GUI Submit; Proper warning if trying to add the same source file twice.
  * b14; WEBAPP & GUI; Consolidated/improved further.
  * b15; GUI; Status bar, show upload/download speed and current transfer going on.
  * b15; GUI; Process logs now shows client and server log side by side, with option to turn off server log. Refreshes automatically. 
  * b17; Redefined proxy environment variables, consolidated into one - ACCSYN_PROXY having format "<type>:<addr>:<port>" where type can be 'accsyn' or 'socks/socks5'. Backward compatible with old format "addr:port" which interprets as an Accsyn proxy type.
  * b18; WEBAPP>Admin>Sites; Built-in default sites are now hidden by default.
  * b19; WEBAPP; When creating a queue, job done Email recipients can be defined.
  * b21; Python API; Pre-publish support.
  * b22; Python API; Query and update job tasks support.
  * b23; GUI Submit; Absolute path are now visible in browsers for employees/admins.
  * b23; GUI Submit; Create dir, rename, move and delete buttons now also visible during download.

  * b1; GUI; Search box did not stay minimized.
  * b14; GUI Submit; Fixed bug during download with mirrored share paths - was not enabled during certain circumstances.
  * b20; WEBAPP; Fixed bug were invite user buttons did not work and a few other issues.
  * b23; GUI Submit; Fixed bug where Dropoff radio button randomly disappeared.


  * b1; Publish feature; allow user to upload files and metadata directly into production workflow. Defined through hook scripts that validate input and post process data.
  * b2; WEBAPP; Improved application download dialog, now detecting and suggesting operating system.
  * b3; WEBAPP; MD5 sum are now listed with installer packages. 
  * b5; Desktop application now have RPM and DEB builds aswell.
  * b6; UI improvements.
  * b9; Additional RPM (RHEL/CentOS) and DEB (Ubuntu) desktop app installers.
  * b14; Auto join now have a password setting, enabling only authorized guests to register and account and upload files.

  * b1; Invite user option now back again when choosing user upon sending out files.
  * b8; GUI; Now showing PUSH/PULL options in main interface if on hq or a site..
  * b11; Fixed dispatch bug - jobs in a queue created by a user that was enabled got stuck, without proper warning message.
  * b12; WEBAPP; Fixed bug in transfer>Delivered - first job were always viewed regardless which where opened. 
  * b13; WEBAPP; Fixed bug if many tabs open and login/logout occur they became out of sync.


  * b1; WEBAPP; Rehaul of admin pages, improved looks on mobile devices.
  * b1; GUI; Admins and employees now have NEW button instead of UPLOAD, DOWNLOAD and SEND.
  * b3; Site/Internet location is now autodetected, and affects upload/download buttons in GUI.
  * b5; GUI/Job view; Job chat function. Description is now the first message in a job chat thread. Chat can be extended to other future entities.
  * b6; Server/Daemon watchdog, restarts daemon if hangs - no activity in 5 minutes. Can take on stop/restart/start requests. (requires reinstall).
  * b6; GUI; Improved user and site selected dialogs that remembers last entry.
  * b6; ASC; File permissions can be configured to be preserved during transfer if both sides POSIX compliant operating systems (Mac OS, Linux, Unix).
  * b7; GUI/Login; Now remembers previously used accounts to aid user switching.
  * b18; GUI; Rehauled prefs view.
  * b20; GUI; Support for auto update. New "Check for updates" prefs button and dialog, will now download and update Accsyn instead of launching browser download.

  * b1; WWW/admin; Fixed bug were transfer_conf/notmp & transfer_conf/nolock could be set on queues.
  * b1; File locking now turned OFF by default - usually causes problems with certain storage subsystems.
  * b3; GUI; Fixed bug when right clicking job and about to change position - now taking selected job in account, not the clicked one.
  * b4; GUI/Submit; Hide shares during PUSH, PULL or TRANSFER.
  * b9; [ASC]; Fixed causing infinite connection attempts even if all ports are blocked/unreachable.
  * b10; General bug fixes and improvements.
  * b12; Deleting a user now migrates ownership of queues and servers to user performing delete.


   * b1; Porting to AccSyn (v1.2, product rename with additional features) initiated.
   * b2; GUI/Job submit; A ongoing dir listing may be interrupted. File listing rows now highlighted when hovered. Right click menu now have Refresh option & Add selected file(s).
   * b8; FHC; 3x less memory consumption during file reading at sending party.
   * b9; FHC; Attempts to log out of memory errors.
   * b12; GUI/Submit; Goto now accepts entering a raw share name.
   * b24; Web submit; Download/Upload now supports site push/pull.
   * b26; Consolidated fonts with desktop app and www frontend/web page (Roboto/Roboto Thin).
   * b28; GUI/Goto path; Option to sort by common or recent. Remembers choice.

   BUG FIXES (b=build)
   * b2; GUI/Job submit; Fixed bug were upload from local mapped share did not enable Mirror path destination option.
   * b3; Fixed bug were a function in instance could stop update internal state (user activation status).
   * b4; GUI/Job submit; Bug fixes: (mirror paths to local share) switching shares did not update GUI,  (mirror paths to local share) strange paths in file list - now only showing absolute local path, already added files were affected when changing destination mode. Sorting by filename now always puts '..' on top.
   * b10; FHC; Fixed bug when picking up setting transfer_ignore_existing per task- mixed up 'file' and 'directory'.
   * b11; FHC; Fixed bug where task indexes got reordered during transfer init phase.
   * b12; GUI/Submit; Fixed bug where Add selected were unavailable when dest mode was Share mirror.
   * b13; FHC; Crashes without a leaving a non-zero exitcode are now detected, i.e. segfaults.
   * b14; GUI; Fixed bug when transfering an entire root share failed.
   * b17; FHC; Bug fixes in file list building causing relative names to end up wrong at other end.
   * b18; GUI/Submit; Bug fixes with local share path mirror on dropped files.
   * b23; FHC; Further buf fixes/optimisations in protocol.
   * b26; GUI/Submit; Bug fixes in file listing, now sorting alphabetially default and sorting by file size properly.
   * b26; GUI/Submit; Now remembers to mirror share paths if was chosen previous submit.
   * b26; WEBAPP; Allows Adblock (& similar) to block Raven javascript tracer.
   * b28; GUI/Submit; Share listing should have a minimum width. 
   * b27; GUI; Password entry slided with garbage placeholder chars. Window titles had wrong spacing. 

   * b1; Users can now be configured to be bound to a queue.
   * b1; Improved UI - log button displayed on failed jobs.
   * b4; Do not fail immediately upon a single file/directory - attempt transfer rest of package and then fail at end.
   * b6; Improved E-mails and web app overall.
   * b10; Webapp; Improved download and upload progress bars.
   * b11; "User shares/server"; Users to install FilmHUB as server and configure fixed path for shares on their side - enables receiving files without interaction. Enables future pull of files from user.
   * b12; Descriptions on job queues, show when hovering queue in UI:s.
   * b12; FHC; If server cannot bind to port, ban the port for a couple of minutes and retry it later.
   * b12; Python API; Tasks(files) can now be added to transfers destined users, not only site transfer.
   * b13; Web transfers; Cloud instance are boosted to 500Mbps during transfers for maximum throughput (expires after 4 minutes).
   * b14; Admin/shares; Enable/disable shares directly from list. Hides disabled shares by default. 
   * b14; Admin/users; Hides disabled users by default;
   * b16; GUI/Submit; Shares now grouped by 1) Root shares 2) Standard shares 3) Home shares. Disabled shares are hidden by default, right click context menu gives option to show/load them. 
   * b17; Improved web transfer speeds.
   * b21; Show queue and change queue from web app.
   * b21; Optimized FilmHUB to dispatch faster when many jobs queued up.
   * b22; GUI/Job view; Can now load transfer logs from previous retries.
   * b26; Admin/Audits; New section for vieweing failed logins, jobs submit failures and find jobs containing a path element - first iteration.
   * b28; GUI Submit/browser; [Goto] folder button.
   * b33; Dynamic bandwidth limit during transfer, no need to restart transfer.
   * b35; Submit/browse, GUI&Webapp; On Goto path, show history of latest locations. Store browse history per user.
   * b37; Detect stalling transfers - fails after 5 minutes of inactivity letting other jobs pass.

   * b1, GUI; Sort by name did not work.
   * b4; ZIP on web transfer; Skips files that cannot be compressed.
   * b11; GUI; Error in log if source file size calculation fails.
   * b18; Fixed bug in admin pages - leaving browser on listing might hang/cause javascript lockups.
   * b20; GUI Submit; Now recognizes local share mappings for users - support for mirror paths between local and remote share.
   * b21; Drag-n-drop file does not show SEND option or PUSH/PULL.
   * b21; Fixed bug that caused transmit jobs to fail.
   * b32; Fixed bug that caused bandwidth limited encrypted jobs to fail.
   * b38; Job submit; Add more files after drag-n-drop did reset selected destination.



   * Server can now be installed both using PIN (simplified setup) or by password login, enable future user servers.
   * Hook job data now includes list of clients, human readable source & dest. Remote paths are obscured.
   * Optimised logging at clients - now only rotating 10x10MB log files.
   * Last 512KB or client app log files can now be appended to client report (CLI: '--include_client_log' option). 
   * Removed port blacklisting feature, replaced with connect failure tracking and weighed proposals to server.
   * Servers can now be updated from their Admin page.
   * Clients will automatically update on launch if behind in version.
   * Rehauled submit dialog first step - select type to include descriptive help text.
   * Upload now suggest to browse shares if have no home share or home share disabled.
   * Submit job; file list now shows sorting arrows.
   * Addtional pointers when entering and leaving setup wizard.
   * API session now expire 30 days after last accessed.
   * Clients/desktop app are allowed to be behind backend in version, prevent auto update in these cases.
   * Create root share; paths can now be added, for example UNC paths on Windows, that is not listed.
   * Admin dashboard with latest shared directories and license info.
   * Progress bar now shows total progress and not only progress of files out of sync. Progress is now saved permanently and kept visible for paused/aborted jobs.
   * Send option now available in web app - build and send a package to an existing or new user.
   * Detects if a root share is missing and drops it to offline + spawns an issue.
   * Rewrote E-mail configuration for domain, overridable at share and queue level.
   * Grace for invites, defaults to 7 days. Configurable beneath ADMIN>SETTINGS>User.
   * Umask setting for server side Linux/UNIX transfer processes, configurable beneath ADMIN>SETTINGS>File Transfer.
   * _20; Improved desktop app upload file management @ share, with right click menu.
   * _20; Clients admin listing, with possibility to set site for a non-user client.
   * _26; API sessions now attempts to renew and reuse expired sessions properly.


   * Performance fixes.
   * Admin>Servers; Override IP now lists all clients.
   * Temporary file renaming & locking issues now logged properly.
   * Fixed bugs in job submit, mirrored paths did not preview correctly. 
   * Backend performance optimised.
   * Fixed SSL cert issues with web transfers, now relaying files over backend instead of direct server connection.
   * Fix bug were WAN IP and ports could not be configured for a server.
   * Fixed bug in installer - GUI installer could not re-use existing config, only command line installer.
   * Files having paths with a mixture of whitespaces (' ') and ampersands ('&') could not be transferred.
   * Fixed bug where Mac OS X servers could not be updated throug web admin.
   * Fixed multiple bugs in site server installation @ ADMIN>SERVERS.



 * Web application reloads if FilmHUB has been updated.
    * Hook execution are now logged to file.
    * Scrollbars now have increment/decrement arrows.
    * When browsing destination, directory has to be entered to be chosen - not only selected.
    * The domain is not shown during login, only the name. Domain now shown as tooltip.
    * Client Java runtime now at version 1.8-202.
    * Mail queue sending mail in background, with logarithmic fallback retries on fail.

    * Improved web transfer upload and download, fixed major bugs.
    * Edit shares could cause parent, root share and path to be lost.
    * Create root share failed on listing client root/mounts.


 * Refactored workareas > shares, complete rehaul of internal path specifications for transfer jobs.
 * New 'transfer_bucketsize' (submit: bucket size) setting for transfer jobs - tell how many tasks at time should be dispatched.
 * Optimized submit - fetch list of sites & users. 
 * Cleaned up/improved transfer logs.
 * Removed old beta "workarea" concept - replaced with shares. Previous shares are now "root shares".
 * New client install routine involving a 6-digit PIN for ease-of-use.
 * Setup wizard for new installations.
 * Added 'transfer_ignore_existing' setting, valid @ domain, queue, job & task level.
 * Made sure that job submit post hooks finished before transfer starts.
 * Added 'transfer_include' & 'transfer_exclude' settings @ globalm queue and job level. Similar to rsync --include & --exclude
 * FilmHUB copy now allows for files in subfolders to change/disappear during transfer, without failure.
 * Additional advanced transfer settings for adjusting buffers and file locking.
 * Share transfer settings that overrides domain settings, applied for shared involved @ server side. 
 * Logo displayed in desktop app.



 * Setup wizard supporting server install>firewall config>share browse and final settings + guides.
 * Custom portal backend supporting spawn of new domain VM. 


 * Site to site transfer support, requires local IP overrides (preferred) or FilmHUB standard ports 45190-45209 forwarded to site servers a both ends.



    * GUI Submit; Recognizes local share path overrides in ENVs.   
    * Web app; First iteration of admin pages, supporting users/shares and settings.
    * Cloud; Backend for supporting demo installations/customer portal.
    * Overall optimizations in network traffic.
    * GUI; Improved job view - toggle between list tasks and edit job.


    * Employees could not browse download, just mirror paths.



    * CLI; 'client find' now includes FilmHUB version.
    * Copy; Optimized file transfer protocol, this version is NOT backward compatible with lower versions!

v0.9-18_17b, 20181211


    * Job submit (cmdline/API); Support for trailing slash on destination path - treats last path element as the destination folder to put source file in (rsync notation). 
    * Jobs; Metadata support, both on job level and task lever. Provided at hook execution.
    * GUI; Job edit now sharing same inputs as during job submit.
    * Python API; 'ls': Recursive, maxdepths, directories_only, files_only options. New 'exists' function.
    * Copy; Protection against files overwriting folders, will now put file beneath folder instead.
 * GUI; Resend option, for packages destined users. Allows user to re-download package on different client/other folder. 

 * GUI; Workarea queue constraints did not apply if changing workarea during job submit. 
 * Support for local volumes containing non-US (unicode) characters and whitespaces.

v0.9-18_7b, 20181130


 * GUI Login; Feedback if unknown E-mail/user. Selects all when entering E-mail.
 * Network server proxy support; For client/API endpoints not having Internet access.
 * GUI; Improved progress on actions.
 * Copy; Handles blocked outgoing ports, attempt lowest ports.
 * Copy; Allow files to dissappear during transfer - no crash.


 *  GUI; Second maximise did not apply.
 *  Copy; Fixed bugs causing crashes when transfer has finished.
 *  GUI/API; If authenticated with API KEY, a new session is automatically aquired when the old one expires.

v0.9-17, 20181112


    *  App;Job search function.
    *  Portal; A first take dashboard showing jobs.
    *  Portal; Change password.
    *  App; Admins does not get to answer questions when modifying jobs/queues.
    *  API; Support for huge payloads (GZIP).
 *  App; Improved login and job submit dialogues.
 *  Copy; Define how a file is determined to be in sync (domain/que settings: transfer_comparison)
 *  Copy; Preserve ownership on created folders and files (domain/que setting: transfer_attributes)
 *  Copy; Additional transfer logging (domain/que settings: transfer_log)
 *  Improved detailed job view.
 *  Web transfer downloads; A direct download web link is provided in E-mail if package less than 2GB. Supplies a ZIP with contents.
 *  Error and warning codes; Specified in admin manual, displayed on jobs upon failure. Global warnings/error codes shown in GUI.
 *  Improved detailed job view.
 *  Optimizations; Old inactive clients are kept offline in database until needed.


 *  App; window resize bug fixes.
    *  User invite; Links to app installer were removed by mail provider, fixed by linking to new web "app" section.
 *  Fixed bug when size were calculated wrong if files on multiple shares.

v0.9-15, 20180821


 * Python API.
 * Command line interface (CLI).


 * Many