Tutorial - FTP server replacement

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Hint: For a complete tutorial on how to setup a similar solution in the cloud: Tutorial - Cloud file server


Installing accsyn

The following guide is a short summary of the installation process described in detail here: accsyn Admin Manual

By now you have a fully working file transfer solution that can be used by external user to receive and send back large file packages at high speed (i.e. an accelerated encrypted FTP server replacement). We are now going to continue and make file transfers submitted by Python scripts to enable an automised workflow


Inviting another employee (optional)

In this tutorial, we describe how you invite another employee* to accsyn that should manage users and shares. This is of course optional.

*) accsyn users can have one of the following three roles (clearance levels):

Let's invite employee  "sven@acmefilm":

 Sharing a folder

We assume we have a film project called "myfilm" and want employee Sven to share it so freelancer "mia@acmefilm.com" can read the "myfilm" folder, but only upload to subfolder "TO_ACMEFILM":

The user now can read (download) files from storage/myfilm, and upload to storage/myfilm/TO_ACMEFILM.

Uploading a large file package to the share

For smaller (<5GB) file packages, users can user the browser to upload and download files. In this example, we show how a newly invited user uploads a folder with 1TB of data using accsyn fast transfer desktop app:

Transfer will now start and can be tracked both through desktop app and by logging into https://acmefilm.accsyn.com.

More usage examples

For information on how to use the desktop app or the web application/portal, consider the accsyn User Manual

For more tutorials, head over to support.accsyn.com.