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Installing and configuring accsyn

The following guide is a short summary of the installation process described in detail here: accsyn Admin Manual

Note: it's perfectly fine to skip Windows drive letters, and go 100% on UNC paths. Drive letters simplifies remote workflows, enabling sites and employees to have a local drive letter keeping project file paths consistent across locations.

You now have a fully working file transfer setup, replacing FTP and similar, allowing you to deliver files to users by their email address.

We will now cover two scenarios, first how to have a restricted user map a share locally and then how to do it for an employee.

Setting up a restricted user mapped share

Standard, or restricted users, besides being able to receive packages sent to them are only only allowed to access Shares and folders beneath those dictated by ACL - access control lists. In this section we grant user access to the share and go through the process of mapping it locally at the remote user workstation.

Invite the user

First we are going to invite the remote user.

User will get an invitation email, have them activate their account and install the accsyn Desktop application.

Create a share and grant access to user

Setting up an employee mapped root share

Next, we are going to setup a accsyn at home for one the employees (agnes@company.com).


Invite the employee

User is now all set to start transferring files, but we have not yet configured the local share mapping at proxy storage - enables mirrored path transfers and access to other users.

Alternative - install as service

If you seek a 24/7 stable experience, not depending on employee running desktop app or now - install the background Windows service version instead:

Accsyn will now launch with your computer, staying online regardless if any user is logged in or not.

Configuring Accsyn at home work place

From this point on: 

Send a directory to employee

To describe how it would work, we are going to send a directory on server/hq to the employee:

If employee has client running, transfer will start directly sending the directory the their local projects storage (P:) and emitting an Email to user when finished.

Pull a file from an employee

Another important usage example is the case when an employee have file locally that is needed by production on-prem:

If employee has client running, transfer will start directly sending the directory from their local projects storage (P:) back to on prem server, emitting an Email to you when transfer has finished.


With Accsyn in a working from home setup, your employees gets tightly integrated when it comes to file management, with encrypted high speed file transfers that resumes were left off and no missing or corrupt parts. 

For more information/tutorials, please head over to support.accsyn.com.